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Arm our pilots
21 September 2004 - Los Angeles Times

Letter-writer John Mays thinks the current administration is crazy for not spending more taxpayer money for more air marshals. Already spending $600 million/year to cover 5% of flights, Homeland Security would have to spend billions to cover 100%. I think Mr. Mays displays craziness for thinking that this would be the most effective measure.

There’s already a way for every single flight to be protected by armed guards. How many flights do you think would be successfully hijacked if the pilots were armed? Pilots, many of whom have military backgrounds, have been begging to be allowed to carry guns in the cockpit. Congress passed legislation in 2002 requiring airlines and the TSA to allow it, but the TSA has mired the process in pointless bureaucracy.

A lack government spending is not the problem – it’s lack of trust in our pilots by government bureaucrats.

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